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Why Cost of Petrol is Higher by Ksh 12.4 per litre

The Kenya Kwanza administration have maintained the price of petrol to be high by extra Ksh 12.4 per litre.

According to reliable reports, the price of petrol has continued to be high over the last 3 months in order to cushion the cost of diesel.

The extra sh 12.4 charged on petrol will be used to maintain the cost of diesel at Ksh 162 per litre.

The cross subsidy which keeps another product’s price lower — has kept diesel prices at Sh162 per litre while super petrol remains at Sh177.3 per litre.

Report indicates that landed cost of petrol dropped by 13 to Ksh 86.3 per little. The landed cost is the price by which it was imported before adding taxes on it.

The fall in landed costs has not been felt by super petrol consumers because of cushioning diesel consumers.

During the recent review, EPRA said fuel will continue selling at the same price as last month until February 14. Diesel

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