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Kenyan Takes Agriculture To The Next Level By Inventing This New Irrigation Method

A Kenyan has decided to take agriculture to the next level by adopting a new mode of irrigation in his farm. This is according to the pictures posted on social media by 1 Kenyan called Lenny Sylvester. The pictures shows recycled bottles hanging on top of a small stick. The bottle has a string that directs water to the roots of a plant.

The water from a field bottle with space on top follows the strip bit by bit and sharing that the roots of the tomatoes are adequately fed with water throughout the day. This method is like drip irrigation but it does not use pipes the way the other one does. It is cheaper and more convenient for farmers from rural areas who have no capital to invest in irrigation. The water on the bottles is filled manually and no other costs associated with electricity are incurred. This is because the water drops by force of gravity. There’s also an advantage associated with saving the environment from litter since the bottles are recycled. It is a method that if can be adopted in every part of the country then we are going to save the environment, capital, and labor.

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