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5 Things You Should Never Do After Withdrawing Money From A Mpesa Agent

Mpesa was established and launched back then on 6th March 2007. It's a Mobile banking platform which enables safaricom users to perform various transactions using their mobile phones. Ideally, it eased the mode of transacting money country wide as Individuals can send money to their loved ones and friends at a very avery long distance. Mpesa services requires one to have the number of the other person in order for the transaction to go through.

There are a number of services which an Mpesa offers including allowing customers to send money, deposit and safe their money and withdraw money at their comfort zones as long as there is an Mpesa Agent. In an Mpesa agent, for a withdrawal transaction to go through, you're required to first of all the amount of money you're about to transact is enough, for example, if you intent to withdraw Ksh 1000, your mpesa should ideally have a minimum of Ksh 1028,the primary purpose of the Ksh 28 is to cater for transaction cost. The mpesa agent will also require you to present your original ID card. However, after the transaction, you should never the following things.

1.Never leave your original ID card to the mpesa agent attendant for whatever reasons.

2.Never reveal your mpesa Pin to the mpesa agent for whatever reasons, in fact you're unable to do transactions on your own, for example, due to old age, it's advisable to go with your trusted grandchild or any trustful person to help you with the transactions.

3.Never ever reveal your mpesa balance to the Mpesa agent attendant for whatever reasons.

4.Never give the mpesa attendant your phone to do transactions for you for whatever reasons he or she might tell you.

5.Never leave the mpesa agent with your change especially if you don't know him or her for whatever reasons, let her find it.

In conjunction with that, after withdrawing money, you should always carry along all your belongings including your phone, your original ID card. Make sure you leave the place after being given the money you just withdrew.

Content created and supplied by: @alferdefrank (via Opera News )

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