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Substitutes For Cement In Construction Works, Very Durable And Eco-friendly Materials (Photos).

Experts in building and construction sectors continue to produce better materials everyday. They produce such materials with the aim to get durable structures, avoid environmental pollution and to make construction works economical. This article reviews the use of silica fumes and limestone fines, substitutes for cement.

1. Silica Fumes.

It is also known microsilica. It is an amorphous polymorph of silicon dioxide. Silica fumes can be used as partial substitute for cement in conventional mixes with moderate water to cement ratios. They are used in concrete production in either densified or slurry form. They form stronger concretes that ordinary cement.

2. Limestone fines.

They are obtained by crushing and then screening limestone rocks. The can be used as a constituent to produce Portland limestone cement.

The Portland limestone cement are used in construction of walls, floors and pavements. They form stronger structures if well cured with clean water. Limestone fines are less dusty compared to ordinary cement. Therefore, it is safe working with limestone fines.

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Silica Fumes


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