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Mpesa Agents Cry Foul After Safaricom Introduces New Commission Policy

M-pesa Agent.

Most Mpesa agents have woken up to shock after Safaricom did the unthinkable with their thirty day toil. They claim Safaricom has slashed a significant percentage of their commission with some closing the month with nothing in their accounts.

Going by posts doing round on social media the company has implemented the new policy to curb dishonest agents who break down deposits to earn more commission and those making deceitful deposits. At least several businesses have been suspended and their commission clawed back a move which has inflicted raging anger in them.

Marvaleen: How many times have do you yourself use this tactic to make more money? And kenyans still use your services? How is it wrong if l decide to split deposit for a customer?if there is any fault in this you should correct it via your system not waking up one day and suspending mpesa?

Joel: I thought claw back only happens in insurance Commissions.

Mary: This is daylight robbery, wamekwamilia float na commission yote ati suspension for six months 

Safaricom has since apologized for the tension caused and promised to settle affected partners as soon as possible.

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