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Thousands of Kenyans to Lose Jobs as Treasury Makes a New Surprising Move to Save Public Resources

Covid-19 pandemic has demoralised many Kenyans.Majority have been left hopeless.Businesses that had began thriving have been grounded,some with no hope of being revived.

Kenya's economic recovery is in limbo with massive borrowings ongoing.The recently read budget of over Ksh 3 trillion will remain a daunting task for the government to fund.The most unfortunate thing is that the prices of essential commodities in the country have risen thus complicating the livelihoods further.

Kenyans today have woken up to a worrying news.It is always difficult to look for job and at the same time,it is sad to lose a job that you have sweated looking for.More so when the job you lose is from the government,then you would not know what the future holds for you.

Thousands of Kenyans are staring at job losses after reports of the Government moving to merge and dissolve parastatals.Some of these parastatals the Government claim that do perform similar functions and are draining the public resources.The only remaining question is why the Government did not realise at the time of creation that they would perform similar functions.This is indeed sad news to Kenyans at a time when getting a job is very important.Daily Nation Newspaper reports so.

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