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Bottom Up Economic will give Significant Attention to Micro, Small and Medium- Sized Enterprises - Kithure Kindiki

The politics of economic empowerment in the country has been a topic of discussion especially as we edge closer to the 2022 General Election and different politicians have aligned themselves and drumming, support for their presidential candidates.

According to the former Senate deputy speaker, Kithure Kindiki the Deputy President Bottom-Up economic model is going to benefit all Kenyans across all sectors and not only the specific individuals like the previous models in the country and hence it is favourable for Kenyans.

The Senator has also warned a few individuals who have been attacking the bottom-up approach terming their selfish interest to protect themselves and continue being rich while other Kenyans are languishing in cold poverty.

"Bottom-up economics will give significant attention & will allocate considerable resources to promote micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, & thereby tackle unemployment & lift millions of struggling Kenyans from poverty It is natural for the Trillionaires & Billionaires of the elusive “Made in Kenya” School of Economics to fight attempts to spread wealth evenly in our Nation, & to protect their State Capture forever"

Meanwhile, do you agree with the senator that the Bottom-up economic approach will accommodate kenyans from all sectors, share your thoughts?

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