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Kenyans Reactions After What Ledama Ole Kina Shared About Hustlers Fund

Kenyans have send mixed reactions after what Azimio senator Ledama Ole Kina has shared about hustlers fund.

President Ruto recently launched hustlers fund fulfilling his Promise to Kenyans of boosting their businesses with government money.

Since then, Kenyans have been borrowing and repaying the fund as needed. A record 2 billion shillings as of 3 PM today had been disbursed and sh. 75 million repaid.

Senator Ledama has said the money could lead to more trouble for those borrowing. Ledama said that if one borrows sh. 500, he will end up getting 430 as actual money after 8% deduction and sh. 30.

He further argued that if one fails to repay in the 14th day, in the 15th day, you will owe hustlers fund sh. 547.50 and in case you fail for a month with the same sh. 500, you will owe Ksh. 1925 hustlers fund.

"Dear Kenyans if you borrow Ksh 500 from @WilliamsRuto Hustler Fund you will receive the Ksh 500-8%(40)-30=Ksh430 if you fail to pay in 14 days on the 15th day you will owe the hustler Ksh 547.50 if you fail to pay for a month you will owe the hustler Ksh 1,925. Is this worth it ?" Ledama said.

Here are the reactions from Kenyans.

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