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Best Business Ideas That Will Generate Millions in Less Than a Year

Real estate

You should invest in building houses for sell or for renting out to clients. They will pay you forever on a monthly basis. You will be lucky if any client pay on one year basis. Build bed sitter at cheap cost in upcountry if you have low cash .

Chicken rearing

Start a commercial chicken rearing business. Invest in broilers for meat and layers for eggs. Within three months you will have about hundreds of chicken. You will supply eggs and chicken meat to restaurants and hotels.

Dairy farming

Buy about ten dairy cows each about forty thousand each. You will be using about four hundred Kenyan shillings. And another one hundred thousand for feeds and drugs. Each cow will give you 40 Litres per day. That will be about four hundred Litres of milk per day. You will sell a litre at 45. That will be 18,000 per day. Per year it will be about six million.

Invest in this ideas and you will become a millionaire. Like and follow my page for more updates.

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