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Take a look at The World's Tallest Building About To be Completed

Burj Khalifa has long been referred to as the world's tallest structure, with a height of 828 meters and a cost of $1.5 billion. However, once this massive structure is completed, Burj Khalifa can only be placed second. The name of this tower is Tower of the Kingdom, which is a very loud name. Once finished, it will dethrone the Burj Khalifa as the world's tallest structure.

The Kingdom Tower is about 1,000 meters tall, more over a hundred meters higher than the Burj Khalifa. It's unthinkable that this middle span would be difficult to build. The total cost of the high-rise structure is about 200 billion yuan, which is impossible to envision being able to finance given China's economic strength. Saudi Arabia is home to the Kingdom Tower, and as an oil-rich country, it makes sense to construct the world's tallest structure for $200 billion. Your general look is already evident, even if it isn't completely done.

The complete construction, including materials, architects, designers, and so on, is considered one of the best in the world. The high-rise building's functionalities are also available. Almost all of the required functions of high-end structures, as well as numerous cutting-edge technology, can now be found here. In addition, the world's largest observation deck was purposefully constructed outside the 157th level of the structure. Try to think about it in your head. You're thousands of meters above the ground, surrounded by smoke. You observe a vast expanse of land. You lower your gaze. What kind of experience can you expect?

The Burj Khalifa was once a marvel, and it will soon be replaced by a new marvel for the advancement of the economy and technology, as well as the growth and evolution of human intelligence and civilisation. We believe that we are being shaken by more and more miracles on a regular basis.

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