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The Current Cost Of Ironsheets In Most Hardwares In Kenya

Roofing can be done using a variety of materials today depending on such factors like cost, durability, availability, accessibility and workability. Examples of commonly used materials for roofing includes; ceramic tiles, corrugated and plane iron sheets, asphalt shingles and fibre cement.

Iron sheets are the most commonly used materials for roofing today in Kenya. This is because, they are easy to install, readily available and relatively cheap.

However, the current cost of different types of iron sheets in most hardwares in Kenya has been raising eyebrows among kenyans who has been planning to erect different types and designs of houses this year. In other words, the price per metre of corrugated iron sheets has risen from Ksh460 to Ksh650.

This translates the total price of a 30 gauge 2M iron sheets to be Ksh1,300. Initially, it used to go at Ksh920. This means that the price has increased with a total amount of Ksh380.

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