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Foreign exchange

Top 5 World's Lowest Currencies 2022

 1. Venezuelan Bolívar Fuerte 

Currency code: VEF

Currency symbol: Bs or BsF

1US Dollar = 206,120 VEF

It is Venezuela's currency, a South American country, and it was introduced to its citizens in 2008. The country's currency losses its value as there are under-investment, mismanagement, and then especially in 2013 when oil crashed in price. It was introduced to slow than the high inflation in the country. 

2.  Iranian Rial    

Currency code: IRR

Currency symbol: ﷼ or FX

1US Dollar = 42,165.3 IRR

It is the Islamic Republic of Iran's official currency. Iran is situated in southwestern Asia, in the Middle East. The currency is one of the lowest and weakest currencies in the world in 2022 because of the country’s instability political situation. 

3. Vietnamese Dong        

Currency code: VND

Currency symbol: ₫

1US Dollar = 22,854.5 VND

Vietnamese đồng (VND) is the monetary unit used by Vietnam, a southeastern Asia country. The word, đồng means copper in the Vietnamese language. Unlike other currencies around the world that have different historical figures as the images on banknotes, đồng is different. 

It has the face of “Uncle Ho or Ho Chi Minh", despised by many and loved by in the country. The currency was officially introduced in 1946. And it is the third on the list of the lowest currencies in the world today. 

4. Indonesian Rupiah 

Currency code: IDR

Currency symbol: Rp

1US Dollar = 14,395.4 IDR

From 2011 to 2020, this currency depreciates in its value by 50%. High inflation, as well as economic crisis, drags the currency down being among the lowest currencies in the world.  It is the Indonesian monetary unit, a Southeast Asian country. 

It replaced the Indonesian Dutch East Indies guilder when it was introduced in 1949. The currency's banknotes denominations range from 100 to 100,000 rupiah and they are all in circulation while coins are from 25 to 1,000 rupiah. 

5. Sierra Leonean Leone

Currency code: SLL

Currency symbol: Le

1US Dollar = 11,335 SLL

It is Sierra Leone, a West African country's monetary unit. The symbol is used before the denomination of each currency before mentioning the figure, for example, Le100. In circulation is the denomination of banknotes from 1,000 and 10,000 Leones. 

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