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Forget About The Mushroom and Snails Business, Here is a Lucrative Business Deal to Embrace in Kenya

Having a good and thriving business or Agricultural venture is the dream of every person who lacks a stable job in Kenya. As the levels of unemployment continue to increase day in day out, many people especially the youth have sought alternative forms of getting food on the table notably in agriculture and business. Recent ideas the youth are still being engaged in are snail farming, Mushroom Farming and macadamia farming which proved to be very profitable.

The least ventured yet lucrative Agribusiness activity is dragon fruit farming. The very Nutritious fruit is still yet not common in Kenya but very common in the Asian World. According to various online farming websites, the fruit can fruit can earn you 1000 to 2000 a kilo depending on the market conditions.

Dragon fruits grown from a type of Cactus which is suits well to the Kenyan abundant arid and semi arid conditions. The cactus does not need a lot of plant husbandry after planting and this makes it easy for many farmers who intend to embrace this lucrative business idea.

Dragon fruit is a various nutritional benefits including having the highly sought after vitamin A And C, essential minerals and a lot of fibers and juice. This fruit apart from earning you good money, it can give individuals a lot of nutritional benefits.

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