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Magunas Supermarket On The Spot For Allegedly Selling Sugar Without The Following Important Information

The issue of sugar has been among the major discussions in the country. Apart from the high cost of sugar, the news that Kenyans might have been consuming contaminated sugar appears to have left a lot of Kenyans worried.

In a recent report that was shared by the popular Omwambake on Twitter, it appears as if Magunas supermarket might be in some trouble over the sugar that they sell. This is after Kenyans noticed that sugar-branded Magunas Supermarket did not have any expiry date or the date of manufacture which is quite crucial when buying any product from the supermarket.

When purchasing items, Kenyans are often advised to check for the year of manufacture and expiry. This is because the two dates often determine how long a product can be expected to last.

This discovery comes at a time when Kenyans are concerned about the source of the sugar that they consume due to the revelation by the government that some Kenyans have been consuming toxic sugar in the country.


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