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You Don't Need Huge Capital to Start, Start Small Today

Perhaps you have across a hawker along the street selling you sweets, or you have a shoe from a seller displaying their shoes along the pathways.

Talk about a vendor who sells you a magazine as you are on your way to work. Or think of that "mama mboga" at your estate. And don't forget that lady that delivers you fruits at your office.

What do I want to portray here, In the economy, the so-called "hustlers" drive the economy? Much of the revenue is collected from these small businesses which thrive in the economy.

Most people think that starting big will guarantee your business success. But that is a lie.

You don't need two million Kenyan shillings to start a shoe industry. You need 5k to start retailing "mitumba shoe". A quality shoe goes for around 500-1000 at Gikomba market, on which you can resell twice the price in other markets. That is a business opportunity.

It is high time people should stop thinking too far away while the opportunities are surrounding them from all directions.

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