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Cost of Setting up a mini cyber and expected profits per day

Starting a cyber cafe business is a profitable venture in Kenya. The demand for information has been on the rise with the rise in technology. This has necessitated the establishment of cyber cafes where people can browse the internet, type, print, and photocopy documents. Demand for cyber cafe services in Kenya are increasing with increase in business activities. Each firm is trying as much as possible to avoid paper work in the office. Each and every employee is given access to firm website and every thing needed by the bosses can done through phone but those can't manage have to run for cyber.

Starting an cyber cafe requires you to have a business plan listing the services you will be offering. A good cyber cafe business plan should have startup costs, risks and strengths of the venture, market research findings and cash flow projections. After having the plan ensure the the capital is ready to start the business.

The size of the business determines the amount of startup capital you will need. However, the best way to go about it is to start small and grow your business with time. The cost of starting a cyber cafe in Kenya is around Ksh 250,000. However, cyber cafe the opening cost will depend with business location and its size. Some of the equipment needed to start an internet cafe include computers, printers, photocopier and document scanner. All these equipment can be estimated at following cost.

3 Computers Ksh 100000.

Printer, photocopier and scanner Ksh 80000

Wifi connection Ksh 3,000

Cabling Ksh 2,000

Furniture Ksh 15,000

Business permits Ksh 15,000

Rent Ksh 8000

Electricity Ksh 2,000

Staff Salary Ksh 15,000

Total. 240000.

Per day a cyber can earn from 1500 to 3000 depending on the service offered. So as a business you should ensure you have basic knowledge of taxation and filing, e citizen services, Helb services and other daily agent services. You can also attach you cyber with Mpesa shop. You will have to thank me later.

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