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Three Cash Crops Minting Millions For Farmers of Kisii Highlands

The Kisii Highlands are some of the most fertile regions of the country with millions of people living there.

Picture courtesy. Tea picking in Kisii.

The Kisii Community have settled in the two counties of the region that is Nyamira County and Kisii County.

The people of these two regions mainly participate in farming for their daily keep and one of them is cash crop farming.

The region being rich of soil as well as rains, the crops grow easily and the clever people here have made quite the fortune from these crops.

Below are the three cash crops grown on Kisii Highlands making millions for the locals:

Tea Farming

Many people from Kisii and Nyamira have taken to growing tea which is taken to Kenya Tea Development Authority, KTDA, factories.

Here it is turned to tea leaves that is in turn sold for millions which is given back to the farmers as bonus at the end of the year.

Tea is easy to manage and it brings in a monthly stipend that can be used for the people as well.

Picture courtesy. Tea in Kisii.

Sugarcane Farming

Sugarcane is sold to many people in Nairobi where they can be seen chewing it leisurely as well as providing employment for those selling it.

What you might not know is that, this sugarcane comes from the Kisii and Nyamira highlands where it is grown for sale to middlemen who take it to the towns and cities across Kenya.

Picture courtesy. Sugarcane.

Coffee Farming

Coffee has been a major cash crop to people from this region for a very long time over the years.

The huge returns from sale of coffee gives many people money that they can use for their daily subsistence.

Picture courtesy. Coffee.

In conclusion these three crops are very important for the people of the highlands of Nyamira and Kisii and you can try growing them as well.

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