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Dj Shiti Makes Another Crazy Soko Maize Meal Flour Advertisement, Fans React

Maize meal flour brands advertisement has become the talk of the town in the advertisement fields. DJ Shiti has finally wowed his fans with his latest way of advertising "Soko Maize meal flour. The comedian has posted a clip of him at the gymnastics tirelessly jumping up the rope while wearing the "Soko" maize meal brand t-shirt.The hilarious comedian paused his jumping session to tell the netizens that all that energy he was using in jumping the rope resulted from him consuming the "Soko" maize meal flour. DJ Shiti has continuously been spotted advertising the "Soko" Maize meal. The flamboyant comedian went an extra mile of tattooing the logo of the "Soko" maize meal on his back.

Recently, Dj Shiti had promised to walk around all the estates in Nairobi county with the view of gifting all the citizens that he will encounter using the Soko Maize meal products. He even had a hair cut with the word "Soko" while carrying a packet of Soko Maize flour on his head.Dj Shiti's post today continues to elicit mixed reactions online. Some netizens have regarded the advert as being funny and catchy.Others have questioned about his persistence in advertising the "Soko" maize meal.Here is the link to Dj Shiti's post:

Referring to this article, what do you suggest about Dj Shiti's current way of advertising the Soko maize meal? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.

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