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Cultivation and management of cabbage

Cabbage is an annual vegetable crop that is commonly found in all markets, many users of these vegetable only find them when they are ready, it takes some several processes and steps in a farm before it's ready.

Cabbage seeds are very tiny which is difficult to plant them one by one, it's only managed by preparing a fine tilth nussary bed where you will sow your seeds, apply mulching for three to four days then uncover them. as they would have germinated, spray with foliar fertilizers every weak to boost it's growth, if there is no enough rainfall make sure you irrigate them daily.

In three weeks the seedlings will be ready for transplanting. Harrow your land until fine tilth then make some holes of one feet square in your land, uproot your seedlings and wait for the evening time to plant them hence avoiding wilting. While transplanting, apply at least ten grams of D.A.P fertilizers to each piece of seedling. Wait for two weeks and spray them with fungicides mixed with folliar fertilizers, after three weeks first weeding stage is carried out to eradicate weeds that might compete for fertilizers, then second weeding after one and half to two moths.

Waits for three months then your cabbages will be ready for sell. It's a vegetable that requires less management to the harvesting time.

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