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How to prepare land for Growing Tomatoes

Tomato is a palnt species that originated from South Africa and more varieties have been developed. The land prepared for planting tomatoes should meet the following.

The land should have not beeb grown with a member of solanacea family which includes, tobacco, pepper brinjal and Irish potatoes. This prevents spread of disease that are associated with this family.

Land should be dug deep, all perennial weeds removed. All operations that involve land preparation should be done.

After preparing land, dig holes measuring 15 centimetres depth at a spacing of 100 cm by 50 cm or 90cm by 60cm.

Place a handful of well rotten manure in each all and place a teaspoonful of double super phosphate. This translates to 200kg of DSP per hectare and 10 tonnes of manure.

After transplanting cover each hole with a layer of soil and firmed it. Springle with water in places that have insufficient supply of water.

After all this practice protect you growing crops against disease and pest.

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