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1000kg feed formulation for improved Kienyeji chicks

The feeding of improved indigenous birds is one of major challenges faced by farmers and entrepreneurs in such sector. Feeds carry most expenses in this kind of business. Producing your own feeds can lower the expenses and lead to even high quality goods at the market. Again the farmer can produce at large so he can distribute to retailers at a good price. By doing this one can earn much from just producing feeds for chicks.

In this article we going to make 1000kg chick mash . Remember that this kind of feed is given to chicken of age 0-6 weeks. From the 7th week chicken should be given growers mash.

The following is a combination list for formulating chick mash feeds. You should mix 100kg of maize,280kg of maize germ, 80kg of wheat bran, 215kg of wheat pollard, 60kg of fish meal, sugar bean 70kg, 100kg of sunflower, 50kg of cotton, cotton lime of 25kg, 11kg of bone meal, 2kg of Dicalcium Phosphate, Methionine of 0.5kg, 2kg of chick premix, 3kg of red salt and toxin binder of 1kg.

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