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Businesses That Most Kenyans are Hesitant to Venture into

Starting a business is not a very easy task as most people may think. This ISS because it takes a lot of knowledge and skills to turn your business into a profitable venture. Despite the many businesses around, there are some business which most people are hesitant to venture into even though they are very profitable. Below are some of those business ventures.

1. Selling alcoholic beverages.

When you hear of alcoholic beverages,the first business that comes to your mind is a wines and spirits shop. There are very many wines and spirit shops all over. However, most kenyans are hesitant to start this business because they believe that they will always have to deal with the police and also because some think that the sector has a lot of regulations that prevent business success.

2. Cryptocurrency conversion stations.

Cryptocurrency is one of the most profitable ventures that one can invest. It is estimated that the Kenyan cryptocurrency industry is worth over 200 million Kenyan shillings. Despite this, there are few places where one can easily purchase crypto or convert their cryptocurrency into Kenyan currency. So far most people are afraid of venturing into this business as cryptocurrency is still new in our country and such a business requires alot of capital to venture into.

3. Public transportation.

This business is believed to be for the fainthearted despite it's profitability. The transportation business is very profitable but it requires alot of capital and patience to make some profit out of it.

4. Supermarket.

If you have bee keen, you might have realised that most supermarkets in our country are company owned. This is because starting a supermarket is a risky business as you can make a very huge loss if you do not get it right. For this reason and the fact that the business requires a lot of capital to venture into, most kenyans are very hesitant to venture into this business.

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