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Key Difference between the Rich &The Poor

Financial status of individuals are measured based on their job,investments and the resources they posses.The following are differences between the rich and the poor you should take note.

Rich people invest thus multiplying their wealth while poor people do savings since they believe in emergency and fears to take risks.

Poor people are paid based on time they ave worked while the rich are paid based on the results and performance thus maximizes profit at a lower cost.

Majority of poor people blames others for their misfortunes while rich people to responsibility on their failures and generate possible solution to curb them.

Rich people read books thus continue to learn inorder to generate new ideas while the poor beliefs they know it all thus spent most of their time watching Television.

Poor People believe money is the root of evil doers which rich believe that poverty is the source of evil.Besides the poor also have lottery mentality unlike the rich which has action mentality.

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