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Is Kenya Among The Richest Countries In The World? Take A Look Where It Lies

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Following the fact that Africa is not much developed than the other continents like Asia,North America and others,This is because many African countries are in the surge of fighting poverty which has been contributed be the higher population in the African Continent.Thus, this has pervert them from developing up to the class of Asian continent.

However Many countries are developing in the world.According to researchers Kenya is ranked in number one Hundred and thirty seven world wide in its riches.It follows Nigeria at a cross range meaning it is gradually developing.

This countries are developing due to their internal self reliance of exporting their products to various countries.In Kenya agricultural exports have greatly contributed to the growth of the country.Kenya has also developed internal industries which manufacture items locally hence minimising the cost of exports thus increasing the country's development.Below are some of the developed countries in the world. This shows that some African countries are working hard to develop their countries to the level of other developed countries in the world.Give your opinion on this analysis.

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