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The hidden secret behind money

For a long time, one thing has been controlling the world, causing so many positive and negative things to happen. If anyone needs to ask what that thing is, it's the great " money." Everyone's wish is to become rich and live an enjoyable life and to guarantee that, and you need money. We at times ask ourselves how people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg managed to make their billions that easily. 

Money is simply a salary from a job, and if it's a salary, does it mean that billionaires did a harder job? No!

The secret behind it is time and the value of the job also. If you have a job that pays you $20 per hour every day, it means it may take you 24 years to become a billionaire, provided no taxes are imposed. That means we need need to see money from another perspective. We should try to think beyond and see other ways to make money multiply as first as possible. If people I mentioned earlier had become satisfied with whatever they had before, therefore, they could not be where they are today. Imagine owning a billion dollars when the founder of Amazon already got 117.3 times of this!

Let us also try to develop the attitude of curiosity, which makes us need to explore more. People like Steve Jobs didn't just think he was also curious, which made him discover today's Apple products. Perhaps this could be the time to change the way we do things. The only sure way to become rich is by using our brains, thinking beyond, and most importantly, act. If we need to change, then the time is now.

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