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Farmers Should Plant This Maize Seed Variety To Expect High Yield

It is important that farmers should seek advice from extension officers, agricultural or research institute before buying any maize seeds. When choosing Maize Seed Varieties to plant you should determined these aspect; altitude, rainfall, type of soil, temperature and climatic condition.

Below are some of the new alternative Maize Seed Varieties to plants depending on the appearance of marginal region.

1. High altitude varieties with rainfall of 1000-1500 mm and altitude of 1700-2300m requires the following Variety; KH600-14E improved H614D. It has high yield of 43-68 bags per acres, it has sweet taste, not easily attacked by weevils, has excellent husk cover, tolerant to grey leaf spot disease, mature early. It is suitable for all Kenya highland.

2. Medium Altitude variety with rainfall of 800 mm and above and altitude of 1200-1600m requires the following variety WH505 from Western Seed Co. has these qualities yield of 30 bags per acres, mature in four months, tolerant to drought, Diseases resistance. It is suitable for Nyanza Region, Central Kenya, North Eastern region and Western region.

3. Dry land variety; these are seeds that mature within 90-120 days. These perform well in arid and marginal areas with a mean annual rainfall of 200mm-500mm. The most suitable varieties for these region include DH01, DH02, DH03 and DH04 all from Kenya seed company. They do well in Taita taveta, mwatate, lamu, mpeketoni, Homabay, Rongo, Ugunja and siaya.

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