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Yams Are Expensive, Here Is The Cost Of 1 kgs Of Yams In Kenya

Many people do not think that when you invest in growing these common African foods like yams, Arrow roots you can make good profit from your farm project. We have that mentality that investing in growing crops like sukuma wiki, spinach are the most expensive. Yes they can bring good amount of money but also investing in planting crops like yams is lucrative.

The advantage of investing in planting yams is that you don't need to monitor your garden most of the times like when you invest in planting crops like kales.

No farm inputs you will use in this case when you invest in planting yams therefore this means that you will minimise on the amount you will spend buying buying farm inputs.

Yams can be grown in any part of Kenya and they do well in places with clay soil and sufficient water. Therefore this project can do well in areas near river banks, streams and other places.

When you want to invest planting yams you should therefore choose the place keenly, it can not do well in dry areas. Rent a piece of land which is next to stream or water body since they need sufficient water to do well.

The cost of one kgs of yams cost roughly 650 shillings currently. Now when you start this project in a plot of land like 1 hectares of land you can harvest roughly 300 kgs of yams.

Yams takes roughly between 6 to 8 months to mature, and after that period of time you will start harvesting your yams.

If you plant 1 hectares and harvest 300kgs of yams you will make roughly 19,500 shillings. In order to make good amount of money with this farming project you should have more than 1 hectares of land and when planting your yams plant then at different time intervals of roughly 1 month. This will make you harvest regularly.

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