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Small Lucrative Business in Kenya You Never Knew that Pay more than white Collar Jobs.

Mama Mboga business in Kenya.

Kenya is a lovely country with numerous economic activities. Small vendors who sell fresh vegetables and fruits to the final consumer from the farms are called Mama Mboga in Kenya. They play a vital part bother in rural and urban areas.Imagine living where you cannot access fresh vegetables and fruits which play significant role in our bodies. Fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber diet high in fruits and vegetables help to reduces case of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Vegetables varieties mostly sold by Mama Mboga include;Kales,Cilantro also known as Dania in local dialect, Pumpkin Vegetable,Spinach,Nightshade,Jute mallow and spider plant.

Mahindi Choma business (Roasted Maize) in Kenya.

Mahindi choma is the local dialect name for roasted maize in Kenya. Barbecue’s Smokey scents that are used while roasting maize is enough to make your mouth watery. Some seller use mixture of lemon and salt that creates a delicious taste while eating your roasted maize. There is a lot of chemistry that sets barbecuing apart from other cooking methods and we ought not to think that cooking on grill is simple. Kenya is a sweet country .I have witnessed people who visit my country and wish to get a dual citizenship since there is a lot of street foods that will make you feel at home away from home.

Mitumba business in Kenya (Second hand clothing)

This business has two parts depending on the category that suits an individual who wishes to start the business. This include hawking and having a permanent business place to sell your commodity. The capital required to kick start a second-hand clothing business will vary depending on your location, type of bales, and business model. Hawkers move from place to place selling to people while they are in their homes, their business places and from one residential area to the next. Mitumba business people who opt to have a permanent place are mostly located in busy towns where the customers can access and pick clothing that are appealing to them. Grace wambere ,the founder and CEO of Mitumba Chap Chap which is a sprawling organization that is devoted to Mitumba industry in Kenya once stated that majority people often do not carry out a proper market research and they end up closing their business due to bad loses.

Watermelon Farming in Kenya

It is a profitable business which is usually carried out in hot regions like Makueni, Machakos, kajiado, western parts of Kenya and the coastal regions. There is a readily available market in the country. Farming in small scale has minimal management process. The yields varies according to the variety and the general crop maintenance. An acre of land in good crop maintain ace can produce 20 to 35 tones.Mama Mboga business in Kenya.

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Cilantro Dania Mahindi Choma Mama Mboga Pumpkin Vegetable


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