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Great Boost For Kenya As Government Seals The Following Deal With China

On Tuesday, Kenya and China signed a trade deal that is expected to bring billions of dollars in revenue to the country's farmers. The agreement, which was reached during the China-Africa Fruits Promotion Conference that took place in Nairobi and was spearheaded by the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (KEPBA), Wilfred Marube, will enable Kenya to export frozen avocados to China.

According to a statement issued by KEPBA, this enables Kenya to become the first country in all of Africa to be able to export frozen avocados to China. Before this development, Kenya only exported fresh avocados to China. According to the Head of the Horticulture Directorate Benjamin Tito, the export of fresh avocados to China totaled 1.7 million kilograms and had a value of Ksh7 billion in the three months prior to October 2022.

Because of this brand-new deal for frozen avocados, KEPBA is confident that their customer base will expand significantly in the near future.

KEPBA expressed its gratitude to China for playing host to the meeting, which will result in the shipment of high-quality fruits from African nations to China.

Avocados are grown in greater quantities in Kenya than in either Mexico or the Dominican Republic, making Kenya the leading producer of avocados on the African continent.

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