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Kenyans To Cough Up More Money for New Fuel Prices

Despite the harsh economic times and the covid-19 pandemic, Kenyans have suffered enough with the high cost of living due to inflation of the shilling.

Last month Kenyans were woken up to a rude shock of new fuel prices that doubled up overnight. Kenyans expressed their concerns to the government about the fuel prices that ignited another high cost of living.

However Kenyans have been asked to brace themselves to cough up more money on new fuel prices set to increase in the next coming days. This is after IMF bank asked the Kenyan government to increase the fuel tax from 8% to 16% so as to be able to meet the loan standard of repayment.

If at all this prices increase, kenyans will have to pay more taxes on every commodity in the country. This is because fuel prices affect everything that is consumed by citizens. However the relief to Kenyans will be that the government will be able to settle debts they owe other countries.

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