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How to Invest in the Bodaboda business

The Boda Boda (Motorcycle) Business

On average, most Bodaboda operators take home about Ksh 1,000.


Identify A Motorcycle

The best motorcycles depend on the hardness and looks, cost of maintenance and repair, fuel efficiency and the price. 

Raise The Capital Or Take A Loan

For those who want to own just a single Boda Boda, then you need to have a capital of at least Ksh 60,000 - 110,0000. This amount covers for the cost of the new Boda Boda, protective jacket, a helmet and an insurance.

For those who want to posses more than one Boda Boda, multiply the given amount by the number of Boda Bodas you wish to own. 

If you can’t afford the capital, then you can ask for a loan from any financial institution of your choice.

Get A Valid License Or Employ A Rider

If you wish to operate the Boda Boda by yourself then you would be required to learn how to ride from a valid driving school and get a license.

However, if you want someone else to ride it for you, then you should find a licensed and good rider who follows the traffic rules and can take good care of your Bodaboda.

Choose A Base

The strategic positioning of your bodaboda business is what will determine whether your business will flourish or fail.

Be reliable

A trustworthy rider attracts the customers since the customers know that they can trust him, and by doing so they will give him jobs. So he will not even have to look for customers because they will search for you.

Dress well and maintain your Boda Boda

A clean bike with a clean and kempt rider attracts the customers since nobody will feel comfortable riding with a dirty and unkempt rider on an dirty bike. So clean up yourself and your bike properly and regularly before going out to transport customers.

Network with passengers and riders

You should have a network of passengers and riders so that you can keep your opportunities fresh and coming.

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