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The Cost And Requirements For Starting A Profitable Dairy Farming Business

Dairy farming is the keeping of livestock for milk production, examples of these animals are cows, goats and Carmel. The survey carried out on dairy farming in Kenya revealed that the demand for dairy products like milk, butter, yogurt and ice cream is very high. In fact milk is accounting for a meaningful proportion of expenditure on food in the most of homes in Kenya. Therefore, the amount you need to start a small scale dairy farming is ksh200,000. Here are outlined requirements for farming:

1. Land; it’s the most important factor in dairy farming, It can be acquired through buying or should be large enough to provide grazing and waste disposal area.

2. Labor; intensive labor is paramount in dairy production, you can get it either from machineries or people.

3. Capital; you will need money to stock the dairy cows, to construct cowsheds and milking place. The cost of a heifer ranges from ksh40,000 to ksh200,000 while a simple cowshed that holds five dairy cows is approximately ksh50,000 to ksh100,000.mostly depending on the kind of materials used for construction.

4. Breed selection; for beginners, select breeds that can thrive in different climatic conditions, like the sahiwal that survives in the most toughest environmental conditions. Also you can invest in exotic breeds like the Ayrshire, freshian, etc that produce a lot of milk.

5. Feeds; your cow should feed on quality feeds in order to produce more milk, example of feeds are fresh fodder, dry feeds, dry meal and proteins.

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