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What is the Minimum Requirements to Start a Good Poultry Farm and Thrive it?

Poultry farming is one of the most marketing enterprises in the country. We are going to see how cheap it can be easy to start.

First of all, we will have to get a house for the chicks. This can be locally build. A small structure can cost as small as1,500. This is very important because it will determine whether the chicken will survive or not. It should be made warm by spreading some saw dusts on its floor. It should be able to allow air circulation adequately and be able to drain away all the moisture and the droppings from the hen. One of the most important things is maintaining the cleanliness of the structure at all times.

The next thing will now need some thinking. One has to ask themselves what the main aim of the project is. That is, if it is for egg production or for broilers. This will direct us on the kind and number of chicks to buy. The chicks are best bought from a trusted seller. You can start with as small as 5 chicks, which will cost around 200 shillings.

Thirdly, a vaccine for the chicks is very important and almost necessary. This will protect them from many infections that usually kill chicken at a very early age. An example of such is the Newcastle disease. Many of these will sell at 200 shillings.

Finally, you need the chicken feeds. Usually, the starter feed is given to them from day 1 to day 18. This feed can be available in treated form and untreated form. If they have been vaccinated, they should be given the untreated formulation. If that is not available, maize floor can still work, mixed with some worms or any available thing that chicken eat.

With all that, the project can start. The warmth can be provided by putting a light bulb in their structure. They must be watched for any infections and treated early. In a nutshell, one can start this project with a minimum of 2,000 or less.

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