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Good News to Farmers After the Following Announcement is Finally Made

It is good news for maize farmers in the Rift Valley region after the National Cereals and Processing Board (NCPB), said it would not be taking maize from farmers on credit.

"After extensive discussions with stakeholders, we have found that many farmers have been losing money in the coming years after distributing maize, but later the payments ended in a few people's pockets," said NCPB chairman Mutea Iringo, who visited Nakuru County to assess the quality of the grain storage area.

He pointed out that cases of corruption and embezzlement of farmers' money were among the things the government had scrapped, where he acknowledged that from now on farmers would be receiving their payments from banks.

In addition, Iringo added that the cost of storing one sack of maize has dropped from Shs 10 to Shs 3, urging farmers to use this opportunity to ensure that their grain maintains the highest quality.

The activity of loading and unloading maize cargo from farmers. Photo / Richard Maosi.

"It should be noted that so far the government has purchased more than 650,000 bags of maize and we will continue to buy," he added.

The NCPB is also partnering with Embu University to provide professional maize farmers with expertise, in the field of weeding, weeding, planting and harvesting techniques.

In addition, the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) is working with farmers to identify various maize species that can perform well in a variety of environments.

On the other hand Peter Chege who is a spokesperson for farmers said the board has been harassing farmers by setting the level of maize distribution.

He said farmers have often been advised not to distribute more than 1000 sacks of 90 kg of maize.

He told National Today Digital that the ability of farmers to grow maize is not enough, and this year the crop is plentiful.

Chege backed the government's move to ban maize from overseas, saying it would help stabilize prices and expand the market.

However, he asked the government to increase the price of one 90kg bag from Sh2,700 to Sh3,000, because the price of oil has gone up.

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