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5 Profitable Business Ideas for Kenyan Coast Residents 2022

The Kenyan coast is a business hub that has great investment potential, especially with the influx of tourists. Residents with entrepreneurial minds have a wide range of business ideas they can invest in. If you are living at the coast and are thinking of starting a business, the following are some lucrative business ideas you should consider.

1. Fishing

Fish is one of the favorite dishes for coastal residents. 9 out of 10 families incorporate fish in their meals at least once per day, making it a popular business. This said, fishing is a good business idea since there is a ready market. You will need to have deep-sea fishing skills and know the best time of the day to go fishing. Invest in a strong boat and start making money.

2. Tour Guide Business

The Kenyan coast is a popular tourist destination. This means that tourists from different countries will want to walk along the sandy beaches, visit old buildings like the Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Gedi Ruins in Malindi, and Old Town Mombasa.

The coast also has a fascinating nightlife that tourists love to be part of. If these attraction centres are in your area, seek to know every corner so you can have an easy time guiding tourists whenever they come to visit.

There is more to this business other than just knowing your way around. You will need to know several foreign languages so you can speak to the tourists in their own languages. Doing so makes them feel safe and relaxed.

3. Food Business

The Kenyan coast is known for its delicious dishes starting from its mahamri, bhajia, biryani, pilau, fish curries, etc. Most of these meals take time to prepare and many people are usually discouraged from preparing them.

It is a perfect business opportunity to residents who love cooking. For a start, you can prepare these meals from your kitchen and do deliveries. As your business grows, you can think of setting up a restaurant.

4. Selling Cultural Artifacts

Local and foreign tourists love to buy handcrafted souvenirs to take back home from their trips. As such, you can start a cultural artifacts retail business and sell traditional jewelry, wood carvings, and leather crafts.

These little souvenirs are expensive because tourists are always willing to buy things to keep memories of their wonderful times at the coast. Areas near the Old Town, Fort Jesus and Gedi Ruins are best suited for this business. 

5. Fresh Water Sale Business

Water at the coast is extremely salty and residents usually have a hard time getting fresh drinking water. This is another excellent business opportunity. You can do some research to find out which areas have access to fresh water, then you can source your water from there and sell it in places without fresh.

Alternatively, if your budget allows, you can buy a distillation and filtration water system to extract pure water.People have been overlying on mineral water, which is very expensive. You can lower your prices to make sure that even the jobless man can afford to buy your drinking water. This will keep the customers coming and at the end of the day, you will have made huge profits.

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