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Despite Buying Meat of Ksh 50,This is the Amount of Profit Made by the Butcher Man

Butchery business requires small capital to start.With Ksh 20,000 you can easily start and run the business.For a butchery to work well,you will need a location that has a market gap to reduce the competition.Secondly you will need few licenses and permission from the local government and lastly you need to maintain high levels of hygiene so that you don't lose customers.The retail price of 1kg of meat is about Ksh 450.Currently it has become easier to sell any quantity of meat using the electric weighing machine which attracts many customers since they can purchase any quantity of meat.According to research,1kg of meat would make a relative profit of Ksh 100.

According to this calculations,when a customer buys meat worth Ksh 50,the butchery man will make a profit of Ksh 11.In a day if the butchery man sells meat worth Ksh 50 to 100 customers then his profit will amount to Ksh 1100.Please share.

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