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The surge in fuel prices in our country Kenya.

We have witnessed the abrupt increase in the cost of fuel in general hitting transport sector perpendicularly hence rushing to address the spiraling situation inorder to remain afloat.

As a matter of fact,this adjustment has borne disarray to passengers as commuter services have been heightened and the fuel dealers are doing what they deem necessary to pull up a hard-pressed cap to relieve from biting economy.

According to my observation concerning the recent hike in fuel prices,am equipped with various reasons behind this uncertain increment and how common citizens have received the heartbreaking news from the government together with its effects on economy of our country Kenya and what leaders are saying about the matter and the way they are going now resolve the worsening economic situation.

The main factor that has led to prompt galloping in fuel prices is the heavy taxation made on fuel sector by the Kenya revenue authority.the government is doing this inorder to supplement for quick repayment of loan borrowed either domestically or internationally.however leaving fuel sectors depressed and resorting to charge its customers more to recover the losses made on taxation hence conventionally affecting the operation of transportation sectors starting from public service vehicles upto the SACCOS.

Unfortunately,the hike has negative ramifications to the general economy as citizens depends on transport services to deliver their goods and services to customers or clients at a fee.this has seen many decrying out to both county and national government to come up with absolution to salvage the declining economy.

It's out pressure from general public concerning the upsurge of the costs of fuel that has awakened leaders to address the biting economy which actually has devastatingly affected lives of hustlers out there.Now leaders are calling upon the national government to immediately resolve the punching situation and assist it's people to recuperate.

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