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If you are Interested in Starting Mtumba Business, Here are Prices per Bale

Mtumba business is so wide and if you invest in your favorite field you can really make good money in it. Sometime the reason why we never prosper in business is because we fear to start and fail. if you need to start this business, the first very important thing to do is have a trusted source. You can build good relationship with your supplier such that you don't need to travel to pick your bale since it can be dropped just near your business. Mostly you can get a good source in Gikomba where there is depot of the bales.1.Children's light aged 0-12 (300 pieces) 24,000

2.Children's light aged 6-12 ( 300 pieces) 21,000

3.Kid's T-shirts 1-12 years (180 pieces) 20,000

4.Children's Sweaters 1-12 years (150 pieces) 12,000

5.Kid's trouser 0-6 years (130 pieces) 15,000

6.Kids Hoods (1-12 years) 15,000 (70pcs)

7.Kids jeans shorts (1-12 years) 12,000

8.Girl dresses (6-12 years) 23,000, 200 pieces

9.Girl dresses (0-12 years) 27,000 (220) Canada

10.Girl dresses (0-12 years) 30,000 (250)

11. Children Shorts (1-12 years) 28,000 )170 pieces

12.Chiffon tops 19,000 (260 pieces) china

13.Ladies T-shirt 13,000 (250 pieces) china

14.Mixed Tops 11,000(200 pieces) Canada

15.Cotton tops 11,000(200 pieces ) Canada

16.Ladies T-shirt 15,000 (350 pieces) Canada

17.Polysilk Tops 19,000 (200 pieces) Canada

19.Hooded Tops 10,000 (160pcs) China

20.Denim tops 19,000 (120pcs) China.

21.Light sweaters 9,000 (160pcs) Canada

22.Open Sweaters 14,000 (150 pieces) Canada

23.Jumpsuits 21,000 (150 pieces)

24.China Dresses 16,000 (140 pieces)

25.Cotton Dress 25,000 (140 pieces) Canada

26.Mixed Dresses 29K (130 pieces) Canada

27.Mixed Dresses 19k (110 pieces) Australia

28.Mixed Dresses 20k (130 pieces) US

29.Polo dresses 19k (130 pieces)

30.Mini Dresses 15k (130 pieces) Canada

31.Denim dresses 19k

32.Polysilk dresses 36k Canada

33.Skinny jeans 23k (100 pieces) Canada

34.Heavy skirt 8k (120 pieces) canada

35.Mixed skirt 18k (160 pieces) canada

36.Cotton skirt 16k (160) china

37.Chiffon skirts 20k (180) Canada

38.US Polysilk Skirt 21k (150 pieces)

39.Australia Pure white 15k 65 pieces

40.Canada pure white 17k 65 pieces

41.Mix n match coloured 23k 65 pieces

42.Elastic sheets 18k 70 pieces

43.Duvets 18k 16pieces

44.Mats 17k 60 pieces

45.Fleece blankets and throws 15k 45 pieces

46.Curtains 16k 60 pieces

47.Men polo t-shirts 17k 160 pieces

48.Men mixed tshirts 17k 180 pieces

49.Men khaki trousers 19k 100 pieces

50.Mixed Socks 18k 800+ pieces

51.Men mixed SHIRTS 27K 250 pieces

52.Adult shorts 17k 130 pieces

53.Cargo trousers (side pockets) 17k 90 pieces

54.Cargo Shorts (side pockets) 18k 110 pieces

50.Adult Trench coats 14k 50 pieces.

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