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Kenyans Left Talking After ENA Coach Launched This Special Bus

Public transport services have one of the most lucrative that most people have begun venturing into due to its massive returns.

For that reason in aim to keep most of their customers, the public transport companies strive to provide services that can impress customers more compared their competitors.

For that reason Kenyans on the internet have been left talking after ENA Coach Launched a special bus that is only owned by company as per this point.

In a message it was revealed that ENA Coach has launched the latest addition scania gemilang.

Here's a sample of reactions from Kenyans on the matter:

Tony JJ: Currently, yes. Them only though there's ready units for purchase. Maybe the body seems fragile or the cost is a bit higher considering it's on the F360 chassis or just he looks😁

Wilson Odero: Mash, modern,tahmeed, buscar, bon voyage classic, darlux, etc have been in this business for a very long time they know what is good for them to purchase

John Felix: It depends inaenda wapi can't carry me the all way to South Nyanza na Mitsubishi

Mwalewa Jamison: I wonder why the likes of Modern Coast, Mash East Africa ltd, Sauli, Dar express didn't consider to slap & steal from their clients. Does this mean Ena Coaches is the only operator with the abilities of mistreating their clients?

Brandon Marshall: We are using them as a case study. Get to know if it's something we can venture into or not

Meanwhile what's your thought on the matter? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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