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Meaning of CBD, NMS, BRT, CG and GoK As Commonly Used In the City.

Nairobians are known for their creativity, ranging from business ideas to how they practice their business. Nairobi city has been named one of the leading in business. The growth of the youthful population in the city has also led to the growth of a new language which spreads very fast to the entire country and region. But did you know that some initials have got nothing to do with the new language created by the youths? Some initials are official and accepted by the government.

On record they are used in formal environment without question. The following are some of the initials which you should be varsant with while living in city.

1. CBD: Central Business District. This is region within and where the city streches to. This is the space where government offices are situated as well as the region where business operates. In Nairobi its centre is estimated to be around the KICC building.

2. NMS: Nairobi Metropolitan Services. This is a special body made by the president to help in running operations within Nairobi county and it's environment. The region commonly reffered to as Nairobi and it's outskirts.

3. BRT: Bus Rapid Transit. This is the newest mode of transportation especially for passengers. It's operation are scheduled to start on Thika road later in the year. It makes use of the pinkish demacation lanes on the Superhighway.

4. CG: County Government. Simply refers to the county government, in Nairobi it is county number 47 and will appear in all government CG assets including vehicles.

5. GoK: Government of Kenya. Nairobi serves as the countries headquarters and these initials are very common.

Are there other initials which you need to understand their meaning? Write them in the comment section below and each will be addressed separately.

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