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10 Jobs that can Make you a Billionaire in Kenya

A billionaire might be hard. But there are millionaires all over the place these days. They can be almost impossible to spot, and tend to look just like you and me. People choose to go to universities in order to secure good jobs that make them earn more money.

The majority of top billionaires didn't go to universities and those that did, They engaged themselves in studying more than three times in order to attain the highest rank of education.Below are the jobs that can make you a billionaire ;

1. Investment banker

investment banker acts as the middleman between buyers and sellers of companies . Their job, is to advise their clients on a sale, whether that be the acquisition of bonds, stocks, mergers or an equity or debt offering.

2. Author

The process of writing a book and getting it published can be gruelling, even for the most talented wordsmiths out there. But when you do land yourself a book deal, there’s huge earning potential.

3. Athlete

Atheletics is the most well paying job in the country. If you have the talent you could be a able to be a billionaire.

4. Inventor

inventors are well known for their sweeping imagination and innovative ideas .The most successful inventors pioneer new products andthey also know how to market them effectively.

5. Investor

Investing is the most billionaire jobs . Working in the investment and finance industry has the potential to earn you more money. Investors use interest payments on bonds and stock dividends as their main source of income.

6. Hedge fund manager

It entails finding investors and tracking down investment opportunities with financial markets while analysing the over changing stock market trends .

7. Proffessional entertainer

A proffesional entertainer earns more money from his talent. Talents like singing, acting and presenting earns you a lot .

8. Insurance engineer

Becoming an engineer seems to be a pretty smart move and with the demand of engineers steadillyon the rise there is a very large salary potential that could use to your advantages.

9. Real estate developer

The real estate industry is becoming an increasing large paying job for multimillionaires. Since property value is on the rise, real estate developers are literally building their wealth with commercial and residential development projects.

10. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are makers of their own money. They pave way to success by developing their own innovative products and services and taking the world by storm.

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