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The tallest building in the world 2021.

Barj Khalifa.

It was contracted in 2020 it's stand tallest building in Dubai, it is super attractive bullding having 162 floors, and it's accumulative height of 2,217 feet, with special features such as observation deck and having the only elevertor with the longest travel distances, this tower saves tourism attraction all over the world.

Taipei 101.

Located inTaiwan it is the largest interms of commercial projections in the history of Taiwan. It was constructed in 2004, the maximum height of 1670 feet. Many multimilion and local business are hosted here,it has broke the record of having highest speed pressurized elevertor, with speed of about 1,100 per minute.

Shanghai world financial Center.

Contracted in China, it is super attractive home of many business was buld in 2008, standing at higt of about 1,614 feet. It has 101 floor and stand as the tallest sykscraper in China currently.The elevator speed is 600 m/s, many shops , restaurants office, forum rooms and observation deck are located here, it is a very colourful bulinding.

International Commerce Centre.

Stand in Hong Kong it was constructed in 1,588, it has 108 floor which hold key international banks, offices restaurants, hotels and observation deck, it saves as tourist attraction to many Chinese national and other tourist around the world.

Petronas Twin Towers.

Contracted in Malaysia, it stand at height of 1483 feet with 88 floors . It was set up in1998, located in Kuala Lumpur City. It has high level world class double decked connection that facilitate easy movement of people and also severs as exists point Incase of emergency.

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