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Opinion: This is how tomato farming is on demand and profitable business idea for you

The market demand for tomatoes is always high. This explains why tomato farming is such a profitable business idea.

Tomatoes grow very fast. Most tomato varieties such as the Ansal F1, Jarrah RZ F1, Bawito safa reach maturity 65-75 days after transplanting.

Many farmers have adopted production per unit area, this makes them monitor and consider production per every unit in the farm.

Farming Skills and knowledge in tomato production is also very critical.

A well grown tomato fruit can weigh from 80g 150g and give a yield of 20 to 35 tonnes per acre. Tomatoes are consumed while fresh, cooked as vegetables, add to salads or get the processed tomatoes.

Environmental conditions is one of the biggest factor that's limits or leads to successful production. Warm conditions with average humidity are highly favorable to tomato farming. Extremely high temperatures lead to high pest and disease infestation thus lower yields or increased cost of production. In addition, excessive humidity will increase susceptibility to tomato fungal infections /diseases.

Minimizing the cost and increasing quality and quantity in production is the main factor to achieve good profits in Tomatoes venture.

Let's grow together.

Content created and supplied by: BillShamz (via Opera News )

Ansal F1 Bawito Jarrah RZ


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