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Why This Tall Building In Yaya Centre Has Been Unoccupied For 24 Years And Who Owns it

Yaya center is a huge landmark building and it has hotels, offices, restaurants and entertainment joints, banks, supermarkets and other outlets.

It is owned by the late Billionaire Nicholas Biwott's Family who also served as a very powerful minister during the late President Moi's erra.

The former politician was declared the rightful owner of the centre after seven years of litigation in the Kenyan courts.

The appellate court ruled that the building was owned by LZ Engineering, a company linked to Biwott.

The business is currently managed by his daughter Esther Koimett.

Why has West wing of Yaya tower been unoccupied for over 24 years?

In 1992, the then-powerful Cabinet Minister Nicholas Biwott conspired to deport his Israeli Co-business partner who had built it before completing the job.

According to reports the West wing of The Yaya Centre has remained unused for 24 years because the late Biwott's partner pumped tons of thousands of concrete into its entrances.

This then meant that the building will have no options to be operational or completed with ease and as a result, the structure became obsolete.

Attempts to continue with construction has bore no fruits. More information from sources reveal that the owners are in dilemma whether to demolish the building and restart or leave it there standing forever.

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