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CBC in Action. Let's embrace it

CBC is the best thing that this country can have now. Its not expensive as some purport, it doesn't require expensive resources but locally available resources. It fits in well with the current 'Digital' generation. Most of us are comparing the CBC to what we went through during our time with 8-4-4 system. There is a generational shift. The modern world needs creative thinkers, innovators and risk takers. Change is inevitable now. We have wasted a whole generation, people who are form four, college and university graduates and are sitting at home waiting to be employed. We are now importing everything when we have the resources and capacity to produce; only lacking creative thinkers. Not only students who are learning lots of technical skills but also patents who missed such important masteries and techniques. It may be not 100 percent perfect but it's the way to go. I strongly believe CBC is going to get us back on track as a country.

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