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New Sheng Words With Their Meanings

Apart from Kiswahili and English which are the national languages, Sheng is the most common slung used in Kenya not only by the youths but also the politicians in the country, it is virally spreading like bush fire, currently any youth with no knowledge in this slung can not fit easily in the slums of kanairo (Nairobi) such as kibich.

Some of the recent terms introduced in the world of Sheng include.

1) Mbwegze

This means two eg tukichapa Janta mbwegze tutakafunga haraka, it means "if we carry out our task the two of us we will be done in a short span of time".

2) Kanairo

 This is the city of ‘Nairobi, eg ‘Ukifika hapo Kanairo usahau kutushtuwa’ This simply means "if you arrive in Nairobi don't forget to alert us".

3)Kinde/ ashu

This simply means Ten shillings. Currently term Kinde is mostly used as compared to ashu.

4) Nauwo

This means "you know", there are those people who will always include "you know" in each and every statement they make eg Nauwo huyo nguna alinicheza this means, you know, that lady lied to me.


Something or someone ordinary eg, 'huyo mtoi ni odi', this means that kid is an ordinary person.

6) Kanja

In a statement someone may use Kanja to show having paid someone for some labour or for any services provided eg 'nime mkanja ganji ganji zake', this means I have paid him his money.

7) Rieng/Rada:

It definitely means what's popping?, That is 'rada ni gani'.

 8) Kienyeji

This means a lady who has characteristics of a wife material eg 'naitaje dem Kienyeji', this means I need a a girl with wife material x-tics

9) Empress

This means a very beautiful lady

10) bongo lala

Bongo lala means someone who has no focus and definitely has no plans for his or her future.

11) Nguna/ Maguna: 

This means a sexy lady/ ladies eg,‘leo form ni kukutana na maguna. This means todays agenda is to meet sexy ladies

12) tharba/salasa

This means 30 shillings, this can be used in a statement, eg 'hii salasa nitatumia kama breko', this thirty shillings I will use it as my breakfast

13) Vnane

This a type vehicle called V8 example of a statement using Vnane, 'Vnane na ya Mabola'.This means V8 is for the rich

14) Nitakuvutia waya

This means I will call you.

15) banushi

This means being satisfied/being full, example in statement form, 'nime banushi' leo' this means I am full today.

17) Mzing/Mzae

This mostly describes an older person or your pops.

18) Chungli

 Very strong alcoholic drink, pombe kali sana Mtu ata anaweza Dhani ni chang’aa original.

19) Mboka

This means work (kazi), eg 'jonte alinipeleka na rada ya mboka jana'.

20) Muok

This is one of the Sheng Terms that has been used from 2020 it means "come" replacing the term kamu used by one of the famous artist Nonini


Currently police men are described to as Sanke replacing the word Sanse

22) kuji pin

This is a situation where someone decide to arm him/herself eg knife

 23) Mbuti/mwakenya/nyoka

This is a Sheng term mostly used by someone about to face an exam and has a written backup

24) amonia

This is a Sheng term used to describe rumours and lies eg 'huyo morio story zake ni amonia tupu'

25) Bugda:

It's a Sheng term the means death ‘Huyo mshore alibugda na corona chontime'.

26) mbwakni

This away of describing someone who doesn't fit or cop with the current trend.

The list shows some of the commonly used Sheng terms with their meaning, this terms are modified daily especially by the genge artist who include major and jua kali who are famous for there Sheng words

Content created and supplied by: GyviraBrian (via Opera News )

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