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Sugarcane farmers have a reason to smile after these new government directives

Sugarcane famers have been have areas on to smile , after the ministry of agriculture announced the new directives to the companies that acquires the famers produce.

Agriculture minister peter in past event gave directives to the company that buys surge cane from farmers. The government have directed the companies to pay farmers around ksh 4,040 as per tone. This is at least a higher amount compared to what farmers were getting before. This mean that the famers will be able to a least get extra from their produce.

The ministry have also asked the companies to pay farmers within seven days after the delivery of their product. This will be have worked out for the famers issues over delayed payment's that famers have been severally experiencing from sugar companies.

To ensure that these have been done the, government have assured farmers that they will be out to ensure the the company comply with the directives. They even that failure to the directive the company may lose their permit of operation.

On the other hand the farmers say they are happy over the directives, but the still insist that the government should come out and make policies that these companies should follow and farmers to. This is according to farmers Representative. The farmers also need the government to help I revive the companies more so in western Kenya I.e Mumias sugar company and Nzoia among many.

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