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'Nowhere To Hide' Bad News To Fuliza Defaulters As Safaricom Set To Do This As From November 14

Since the introduction of fuliza back in 2019, almost everyone has been involved in the borrowing. In most cases netizens have a backup line in which they'll receive money incase they have outstanding fuliza loan on their official number. However safaricom have now updated fuliza terms and conditions hence defaulters have nowhere to hide.

According to the company users who fail to pay their outstanding fuliza balances will be subjected to having their savings in M-shwari & KCB M-pesa locked or used to pay their loans.

“You hereby agree and confirm that NCBA and KCB are entitled in its discretion to prevent or restrict you from withdrawing in whole, or in part the funds in your accounts for so long as and to the extent of the amount outstanding in respect of your loan without KCB, or NCBA giving any notice to you and/or without incurring any liability to you whatsoever in that connection,” reads the terms and conditions that come into effect on November 14, 2021.

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Well i think this will help the telecommunication giants stop netizens who borrow Fuliza's then throw the simcards away thus failing to repay the loan.

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