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Important Traits to Look for in a Dairy Cow Before Buying

If a good grade cow is not properly cared for, it will give very little milk. In most parts of Kenya, the best dairy cow in Europe may produce less milk since the environment does not support full expression of production capability. As a result, selecting a cow with the appropriate traits for the location in which production will take place is critical.

Choose a cow that has a history of producing a lot of milk. Use the records of the heifer's parents, grandparents, or any relatives for a heifer.

High milk production necessitates a healthy udder. Look for an udder that is wide but not too big, and that does not hang loosely.

Milking is simple thanks to the teats that point downwards and are uniformly placed.

A healthy dairy cow has a slender and long wedge-shaped body that allows them to convert a large amount of feed into milk. Their necks are similarly long and their backlines are straight.

Choose cows from a herd that has a history of quickly becoming pregnant when artificially inseminated. Choose cows that are easy to give birth to. Look for cows who have a placid demeanor because they're easy to handle and milk.

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