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All Lenders Suffer A Blow After President Ruto Orders This To Help Small Business Owners

Many are the promises made to kenyans by political leaders when they were vying for the seats. It has a time that now those who got the positions to fulfill their promises to 'hungry' kenyans.

Mr President being the major person whom the citizens' eyes are upon him to deliver to the country which is not in good state it terms of stable economy.

A post by, in facebook,president is planning on a better way to serve the people. He has explained that Fuliza only satisfies short term needs with a high interest charges everyday. He is planning to increase loan access to all small traders like Mama mbogas and others.

President Ruto has promised to develop a loan product in partnership with lenders And underwrite it's risks.

Its great news to al kenyans since every small enterprise will operate well to improve lives of many.

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